Driven to make life easier for everyone

About my background and beliefs

For me, communication and the beauty of diversity are two close topics and a way of living from childhood. My father was a documentary filmmaker and got to know my mother during an expedition at Tierra del Fuego, the Land of Fire. She is a psychologist and moved with him from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Germany.

Different Languages, new cultures, and the analysis of communication and behavior – their love story marked my mindset.

Now I am a  Creative Communications Specialist, a digital designer:

driven to make life easier for everyone – appreciating the diversity of cultures and nature, creating chances out of crises to impact the greater good on a systemic-economical level.


As a designer, I see with my heart,
as a communicator, I open my mind to capture the authenticity and someone’s personality,
as a creator, I translate, transfer and rebind the given to something new.

Feel free to explore my Portfolio.


      Annual Multimedia Award 2020 Digital Talent


      Karl Heinz Dietze Förderpreis 2019 Beste Ausstellung


      2019, Annual Multimedia Award, Digital Talent


      2019, Altonale 20, Hamburg Nominierung zum Jurypreis


      2016, Raymond Loewy Foundation Besondere Leistung


      2015, Applaus, Potsdam Beste Abschlussarbeit

Want to collaborate?

I am a team player and always happy to connect and exchange with a fresh pair of eyes.